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Our Program

Our Program



University View Academy uses a combination of diverse and comprehensive courses that are developed in association with other accredited online K-12 schools, including curriculums by Florida Virtual School, Eureka Math, and Edgenuity.

Our online curriculum partners are chosen to empower teachers and engage students.

We’ve selected our curriculum partners because of their proven success in student-centered digital learning models. Our partners provide best practices in online learning across all grades within a fully-accredited Louisiana model for grades K-12.

Personalized Learning for College and Career Readiness 

Every student deserves the best education possible. We believe our course selection is teacher-driven, offering the human element that students need to be successful. It is our goal to meet each of our students unique needs, whether college-bound or interested in a career track. We build a love for life-long learning and empowered, inquisitive exploration of ideas and resources.

With the UView Academy approach, we are able to provide:

• Individualized learning from the first day of Kindergarten to successful high school graduation with two-years towards a Louisiana Advanced degree;

• Flexible learning environments to meet the needs of each Louisiana family so extracurricular pursuits in athletics, the arts or child-specific needs can be accommodated without sacrificing learning;

• Greater control and flexibility of our student data and digital classroom management tools to promote learning success;

• AP®, honors, electives, and core courses aligned to national and state standards*

 Options to increase graduation rates, decrease drop-out rates, and provide learning acceleration

Please talk to University View Academy for more details for calling (225) 421-2900 or emailing

*AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this product.