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Enrollment for the 2019-20 School Year is for K-12 students.  You can begin the application process by clicking any of the Enroll buttons on the web site. You can also call (225) 421-2900 or email to assist your child’s enrollment at any time.  Additional information is posted in the “Learn More” tab under “Information Sessions”.

An enrollment cap is set at 2,700 students by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

A University View Academy student must live in Louisiana and provide all required documentation. A limited number of seats do become open between December-January for students who wish to transfer mid-year.  

If a student is placed on a waiting list, they will be released to enroll as space becomes available in their grade level.


Copy of Student’s Official Birth Certificate

Acceptable Proof of Residency

Immunization Records and Health Form

504 Accommodations

(If Applicable)


(If Applicable)

Custody Orders

(If Applicable)

Report Card-Grades K-12


State Homeschool Approval Letter

(If Applicable)

High School Jumpstart Pathway & IBC Credentials

(If Applicable)

LEAP Scores – Grades 3-8


EOC Scores – Grades 9-12


Unofficial Transcript – Grades 9-12

Signed Records Request Form


Completed Home Study Forms

(If Applicable)

Signed TOPS Consent Form – Grades 9-12




*Do not withdraw your students from their present school until receiving confirmation they are enrolled in University View Academy and have an enrollment start date.


Age Limitations and Entry Requirements to be eligible to enroll in University View Academy:

Kindergarten: Students enrolling in kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 30th in the school year for which they are applying.

First Grade: Students entering first grade must be six years old on or before September 30th in the school year for which they are applying. In addition, they must have completed a full-time kindergarten program or tested ready for the first grade through the school placement test.

Prior Public Schooling Limitations:

All students in other grades who have previously attended public school, private school, or homeschool are eligible to enroll.



Birth Certificate:

A copy of the student’s official birth certificate must be provided for age eligibility and custodial reference.

If you need a copy of your child’s birth certificate, you can order it online through the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals website. Please visit the “How to Order Birth Records” webpage for more information.

If your child was born in another state, please visit the CDC’s Where to Write for Vital Records webpage for more information. When using this tool, please remember to follow the CDC's Application Guidelines.

Proof of Residency:
A copy of one of the following documents must be provided to verify your legal residence. A P.O. Box is not considered a residence. If you do not have any of these documents, please contact the enrollment team to discuss acceptable alternatives.

  • Utility bill- gas, water, sewage, or electric bill showing service address and dated within 60 days
  • Mortgage statement showing property address and dated within 60 days
  • Internet or cable/satellite television bill showing service address and dated within 60 days
  • Current signed lease agreement
  • Current Driver's license
  • Current bank statement
  • Current Homestead Exemption bill
  • Current property tax statement
  • Current official letter from a government agency (Dept. of Children's and Family Services, Dept. of Health, etc.) regarding services provided

All students must provide evidence of their immunizations to be eligible for enrollment. 
Review Louisiana immunization requirements

Please submit one of the following:

  • A print out from the LINKS (Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide) available from a physician’s office
  • IMM-1 card obtained from the Louisiana Office of Public Health (OPH)/Immunization Program or other proof of immunization that includes dates of series with an authorized signature
  • A certificate of immunization signed by a healthcare provider

Immunizations can be obtained from doctor’s offices, clinics, or hospitals. Pediatricians and family doctors or their nurses or medical assistants can give your student the shots they need to meet the requirements for school enrollment. In addition, some large chain pharmacies offer immunizations for older children and adults. If you need assistance paying for shots/vaccinations, you may be able to get free or reduced immunizations through this program:

Vaccines for Children (VFC)
This program is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay. Children who are eligible for VFC vaccines are entitled to receive pediatric vaccines that are recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Medical and Personal Exemption
A student may be exempt from immunizations for medical and personal belief reasons. For a medical exemption, the caretaker of the student must submit a letter signed by the student’s physician. For a personal belief exemption, the caretaker of the student must submit a signed letter explaining their position. Please ask a member of the Enrollment team for this form.

Report Card or Unofficial Transcript:
Contact your student's previous school and request the document, providing them with the information outlined above, OR contact your school's district office with the request.
The following items should be included in the Report Card for students applying for 1st – 9th grade:
Student Name
Grade Level
School Year (example: 2015–16)
School Name
Grading Scale (example: 90–100%=A)

The following items should be included on the Unofficial Transcript for students applying for 10th–12th grade:
Submit an unofficial transcript that includes the complete end-of-year grades from the prior school year and any academic documentation (such as a progress report/interim report, class schedule, or marking period/semester report card) issued for the current school year. 
Student Name
Grade Level
School Year (example: 2015–16)
School Name
Grading Scale (example: 90–100%=A) 
Credits Earned  

If your children are currently homeschooled, please complete a UVA Prior Academic History Form to record what courses were completed through a homeschool curriculum.
Important Note for Homeschoolers (Participants of the Home Study Program):
Based on regulations from the State of Louisiana Department of Education, University View Academy requires students who were previously (or who are currently being) homeschooled to submit their current approved Home Study Application or letter from the State of Louisiana Department of Education. For more information regarding these regulations, please see the 
Home Study webpage on the Department of Education website.



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