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High School

High School

University view academy your best is still ahead.


The University View Academy curriculum meets all state requirements and is designed to move each student forward on a successful path to life-long learning. We serve students K-12 across the state of Louisiana and the school is headquartered in Baton Rouge.

  • All the teachers at University View Academy are certified/licensed professionals
  • The core curriculum is geared toward preparing students for college and beyond
  • Students may choose a TOPS University Diploma Pathway or Jump Start Pathway to ensure college and/or workforce readiness upon graduation
  • Each high school student is assigned a Counselor to ease the transition from eighth grade to high school.  

In addition, University View Academy offers an accelerated Early College Program for qualified 9th and 10th graders. Click here for more information.

Qualifying students can also opt to enroll in all Dual Enrollment Classes for college credit for both diploma pathways. The Early College and Dual Enrollment Courses count toward eligibility for Louisiana TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) scholarships. There are Advanced Placement (AP), as well as Dual Enrollment opportunities for students to get weighted grading for TOPS eligibility.

 While Math, Science, English and Social Studies form the core of the curriculum, high school students can choose from a wide variety of elective courses that provide a solid foundation for whatever path to graduation they choose.

TOPS University Pathway requires 24 Carnegie units for graduation

Area/Subject Units for Graduation
Language Arts 4 (English I, English II, English III, and English IV)
Math 4 (Including Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Math)
Science 4 (Including Biology and Chemistry)
Social Studies 4 (Including American Government and U.S. History)
Health 0.5
Physical Education 1.5
World Language 2 (Must be the same language)
Humanities and Arts 1
Other Electives 3
Total 24


The Jump Start Pathway requires 23 Carnegie Units for graduation including 9 Career Tech Education electives leading to Jump Start Pathway credentials.

Area/Subject Units for Graduation
Language Arts 4
Math 4
Science 2 (Including Biology)
Social Sciences  2 (American Government and U.S. History)
Health 0.5
Physical Education 1.5
Total  23


High School and ACT Code: 190196

To view the full course catalog please click HERE. 

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